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Manufacturer: CYBEX

Cybex 700 treadmills provide a club with the unsurpassed durability and value while giving the member friendly operation and a compliant running surface to enhance the exercise experience.

Durability and Drive System
Our customers have told us that the key to success is durability. Durability is what the 700T and 710T treadmills are all about. Treadmill are more than just parts; they are a series of highly dependent systems that must be matched in order to perform their best.

To create a drive system that is quiet and durable, we looked at the motor, deck, running and drive belts. Since smooth and quiet go hand in hand we took it upon ourselves to make and precision balance every flywheel. Then we improved the motor mount by cradling the motor in the frame to further reduce vibration (and secured it with a single bolt for easy maintenance, just in case). The deck and belt work together to form the perfect lubrication system that is based on the very nature of the waxed marine plywood deck and cotton backed belt. Whenever lubrication is needed, the wax present in the deck is released when warmed by the belt passing over it. The deck can be flipped and rotated to provide four wear surfaces.

Polymer side covers keep dirt from getting under the edges of the belt and shortening deck and belt life as well as further protecting the frame from sweat. The roller system is designed to provide a 250,000-mile life and an automatically tensioned drive belt ties it all together.

The Stableflex™ system provides shock absorption and stability where they are needed most. We reduce the stress of impact from foot strike by dampening the front of the deck. The middle of the deck, where there is no impact but where force generation occurs, is supported with a firmer material. And the rear of the deck is mounted to the frame itself to provide lateral stability and eliminate any disconcerting or unsettling side to side movement. This combination provides a running surface that is not only comfortable but is also stable and efficient without the negative effects associated with impact.

The Curved Rack design of the elevation system provides four stationary points of contact with the floor and eliminating the need for wheels and with them the ruts in the carpet and run over power cords.


Ergonomics: The low profile open hood design gives the user the opportunity to take a full stride in confidence knowing that there is no hood to kick. The display and handrails are precisely positioned so that the user never has to look down to find the display or the handlebars.
With all of the controls at fingertip reach, the control is based in ease of use. By placing the controls just above the front rail, the user can hold on and make their adjustments with a safe and secure feeling.

Display Features: The 700T may be used with its Speed Challenge, Cardiovascular, Weight Loss and Fitness Test programs as well as a manual control mode and one saved program. The programs have up to nine levels. The workout information is displayed in two LED windows and the user is prompted through the program set up.
By using the Fitness Test, the user can determine the optimal level to use with the Cardiovascular and Weight Loss programs and measure their own progress. For the ultimate in programming flexibility the user can modify speed, incline or the overall program level while in the program.


  • Voltage: 115V, 60 Hz, 20 A (NEMA 5-20 plug) grounded dedicated circuit or 230V, 60 Hz grounded dedicated circuit
  • Motor: 2.5 HP Continuous Duty
  • Speed: 0 - 10 Mph
  • Incline: 0 - 12%
  • Programs: 4 Display: Dual digital readout
  • Walking Surface: 65"L x 20"W
  • Weight: 350 Lbs
  • Dimensions: 83"L x 33"W x 60"H